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Highly useful for demonstrating the most fundamental and frequency used mechanism. Very useful for Engineering students. All the components made of high degree of precision. Also the process can afford an hour of creative joy to the amateur or professional students. These modules are assembled on transparent perspex sheets to facilitate teaching. Easy to assemble or disassemble.

Single Stage-Spur Gear

Two Stage-Spur Gear

Three Stage-Spur Gear

Three Speed and Reverse Gear

Worm GearBevel Gear

Internal Gear and Pinion Drive

Helical Gear

Crank Drive to Oscillating Link

Crank and Slotted Link Drive

Friction Wheel Drive

Centrifugal Mechanism and Clutch Drive

Cone Clutch Drive (Single Sided)

Cone Clutch Drive (Two Speed)

Flat Belt Drive (with Tensioner)

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